Lyrical Confessions of the Night


A night ,

when i whispered, moving towards her. She looked at my eyes which were looking down to her lips. She gasped and I moved more closer, gripping her inner thigh. I picked her inner thigh up and shifted that on my one. We were so close to each other.

I pressed my lips against her. I moved my hand’s upwards on her shirt’s button. She breathe deeply when i untucked her shirt from her body, revealing her breast against me. I shifted my gaze on her breast. My eyes just showed lust to have her.. Her cheeks turned red. I looked back at her eyes and held back of neck  with my hand. I decreased the distance between us and my lips moved to where my hand laid on her neck. With the other hand I roamed my hand on her bare skin, sending chills down her spine.

I pressed her against the bed,holding her wrist up. My burning eyes rove over her for a moment. Our lips met again and she gripped my shirt in her fist tightly taking me as close as possible.

Her heart was bouncing so fast, but the way I tounched  her set fire of on her body. She shivered when i made her fall on bed, turning the light off, I  climbed onto her,pulling my shirt off my body and then ~ It happened. It really happened.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Simran singhal says:

    Amazingggg …. Totally romanticcc so so higher jamming…so so hottt,, loved itt.
    Update soon waiting for nxt part..


  2. Juhi bagga says:

    Amazing heart melting.


  3. Aditi says:

    Wow– devastatingly beautiful and heart wrenching


  4. Amy lance says:

    You are amazing and amazingly talented.i can’t wait for more from you.


  5. Akshyatah says:

    Oh my!!!this is so cute and such anice way to put .you have so many poetry in your pocket , i guessing!!


  6. Debbie says:

    You are really best writer in romance section i have ever read.hats of to ur work.


  7. Reven says:

    You are a fantastic writer!!!


  8. Aarohi agarwal says:

    This is beyond beautiful .you have touched me so much , i can feel the romance in each words amd it takes amazing talent to do that.!!


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